Credit with debt enforcement – unfortunately not possible

1 Mar

Every bank has to check the creditworthiness of a customer and debt enforcement means that one is generally not considered creditworthy and does not receive a loan. has more details

Many consumers want to pay for their open debt collection with a loan. Unfortunately, this is only possible in rare cases. We show you what you can do to still get a loan.

Paid debt enforcement

Paid debt enforcement

Don’t waste time on:

  • Personal bankruptcy
  • certificates of loss
  • wage garnishment

you are not considered creditworthy at the banks, so in these cases, NO CREDIT POSSIBLE

In the case of paid debt enforcement, a CREDIT should actually be POSSIBLE. But also here applies: no rule without exception.

Open debt enforcement

NO CREDIT IS POSSIBLE for open debt enforcement. These have to be paid in advance and are best deleted by the debt enforcement office.

The following applies: Before a request is made, the debt enforcements must be cleaned up, otherwise you risk a rejection, which in turn deteriorates the credit rating.

Here are some tips:

  • Pay for debt enforcement using your own resources (e.g. savings, 13th monthly wages, etc.)
  • Request a short loan from a family or a group of friends
  • a short loan from the employer
  • always request deletion from the debt enforcement register
  • also, groundless debt enforcement is registered in the debt enforcement office

In the case of paid debt enforcement, always request deletion from the register.

If the debt enforcement at the office is withdrawn in writing, it will disappear from the excerpt. Withdrawal is also possible if the creditor has justified claims. However, as a debtor, you are dependent on the creditor’s goodwill. This is most likely to withdraw a debt collection if the debtor immediately pays the claim, including interest and accrued costs – possibly even contested ones.

Individual companies require a flat-rate “compensation for turnover” of up to USD 200 for the withdrawal. Whether they are entitled to do so is controversial. Those who rely on a clean excerpt often have no choice but to add up. To deal with these claims, one can also offer the creditor to write the request for withdrawal himself and to present it for signature.

We are happy to help and advise you, even in difficult situations. You will receive quick and competent information from our credit experts by phone.

In the case of debt: contact a cantonal advice center.

Addresses of reputable debt advice centers


ATTENTION: before dubious loan offers on the Internet! There are many temptations on the Internet, loans despite debt enforcement or loans with foreign banks, etc.

The fraudsters send a “binding contract confirmation” financial renovation, which at first glance seems serious. A placement fee suddenly appears in the back paragraphs. Please note that the contract documents will only be sent after the transfer has been made. Read our blog post “Warning: before dubious loan offers”.

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