Register of debtors and consumer rights

16 Nov

We can get to the debtors’ register quite easily. It is harder to get out of it. In particular, those who take out loans and credits are exposed to the problems. When we are listed in the register as a debtor, then we may have difficulties in taking advantage of bank and non-banking offers, as well as other companies.

Debtors’ registers are called the Economic Information Bureau, in short BIG, which store data on the financial arrears of entrepreneurs and consumers. On the Polish market there are three large ones in offices of this type, namely the Debtors Register BIG InfoMonitor, the National Debt Register, the Register of Debtors ERIF. In addition, the data is collected by the Credit Information Bureau, the BIK and the Polish Bank Association – ZBP, which cooperate with the InfoMonitor database.

The main task of the debtors’ register is to assist in recovering debts to creditors, but also the information in the registers is used to assess the risk. Entering an indebted person on the BIG list or other bases means that he or she will have difficulty in obtaining a loan or a loan , he may also be refused if he / she wishes to enter into a contract with a telecommunications company, insurer or leasing company. That is why many entities are now using the databases, which want to protect themselves against unreliable debtors.


Can we get out of the debtors’ register?

Can we get out of the debtors


Does the cleaning of debtors’ registers work?


Often, we can also meet with announcements that inform about clearing entries in debtors’ databases. Remember, however, that we can do it ourselves. Companies that offer this service can only help us, for example, prepare documents.

Also, be careful about deleting positive data in databases that create our creditworthiness – this happens when we withdraw information about consent to data processing. Then we can also measure problems with obtaining loans and credits, because a bank or a loan company will not be able to assess our creditworthiness.


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